Major Event Support

Zones 2012 125_opt (1)In addition to the specific training and racing activities in the midlands, we also provide/co-ordinate support at major events. This is especially important to those sailors coming into main fleet, providing a base for between races and emotional support whilst they are out on the water.

The type of support varies, but typically (for example at the Optimist National Championships) we will provide a daily briefing on weather, tide etc from an experienced racing sailor, with suggestions on a suitable race plan. As the sailors are out all day, we will usually have at least one support boat on the water which, in addition to helping provide safety cover, can carry extra snacks and drinks for sailors, and act as an on-the-water base for midland sailors between races.

Additionally, because the sailors have trained with other midland sailors throughout the year, they know both other sailors and accompanying parents. This provides both a social and a mutual support group, together with sources of advice (for example on race procedure) and of practical help (such as with running repairs).